I am of the opinion that the most successful brands are not built on products, but on how they make people feel.

Establishing this key human factor early on in the customers experience, will no doubt, result in a ‘I-want-this’ buying habit and loyalty will inevitably follow.

I’m also a firm believer that effective brand positioning means creating an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer. Research shows, brands that warm the hearts of their customers and their customer experience, strongly outperform the competition. The more memorable the connection to a brand, the stronger the likelihood of future purchases and eventually brand loyalty.

We’re Only Human

Let’s face it, human connection is what people crave. As companies expand and grow, those human connections become harder to find. Regardless of how well-crafted and polished the marketing and advertising is of any particular brand, if it doesn’t engage on an transparent and human level… it will never convert to anything memorable, let alone kicking-ass in sales and brand loyalty.

Developing a likable brand personality that humanises a product, can bolster a brands recognition. Introducing human elements such as humor gives people the opportunity to experience a brand in a personal way.
It crosses all barriers and is a common human connection… a concept understood by all.

If half of every purchasing decision is an emotional one, then creating and establishing that human connection is essential. In my role as senior creative designer at Youfoodz, we understand that developing brands and campaigns, are more about making friends and growing our family and less about winning customers. Our brand messaging always lives beyond its used-by-date.

Youjuice is part of the Youfoodz family and while still in its infant
stages, it has grown with an expanding range of juices and beverages.

Personality is something that is vital to any brands success.

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